Monday, July 20, 2015



  • Governor Mark Warner: "Impressive and inspirational"
  • Rudy Giuliani: "beautiful"  "obviously made with a great deal of care and effort"
  • John Whitehead, Park Avenue Tower: "It's pretty spectacular."
  • Laurence A. Levy, Twin Towers Fund: "Your creativity is remarkable and it is clearly evident the time and effort you put into your work."
  • Desiree Thompson, Director of Presidential Correspondence for George W. Bush: "The President continues to be inspired by the compassion, generosity, and patriotism of the American People."
  • Jonathan M. Tish, Chairman & CEO Loews Hotels: "Your work is quite beautiful, and I wish you much success"
  • Anita Contini, Lower Manhattan Development Corp.: "fascinating and beautiful"
  • Howard G. Becker, Director Department of Defense Washington Headquarters Services: "They are truly a work of art and are deserving of a Memorial Hall."    "unique and beautiful" 
  • Allison Jaffin, NYC & Company, "They are truly beautiful"
  • Yoska Meinokat of Singen, Germany: "The glass pipes are really impressive! I have never seen anything like it."


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